Enjoy a superior level of indoor home comfort control with the classic ComfortNet™ communicating system.

cnet-10yr-parts ComfortNet-stacked-TM-02

* Complete warranty details available from your local dealer or at franklinhvacsystems.com. To receive the 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty, the control must be installed in conjunction with a new furnace or air handler containing a communicating system that is compatible with the control and, if that furnace/air handler is a Franklin® brand unit, that furnace/air handler must have been registered online within 60 days of installation of the furnace/air handler. Failure by Quebec or California residents to have registered a Franklin brand furnace/air handler does not diminish their warranty rights.

Product Features+

  • Advanced Set-up:

    The indoor and outdoor equipment has pre-programmed control boards installed, which allow the control unit to automatically determine the proper system set-up and properly manage airflow and system capacity settings

  • Advanced On-Board Diagnostics:

    Sensors inside the outdoor and indoor units allow constant monitoring of the entire system and can anticipate a performance issue before an actual service interruption occurs; internal diagnostic controls can help service technicians quickly diagnose and resolve operational and maintenance issues

  • Internet Connectivity:

    (with optional Internet gateway) Remote control setting, system monitoring, and system management is possible (and without any additional reoccurring charges) from any internet connection through a device such as an personal computer, iPad, iPhone or Android device

  • Precise Temperature Control:

    Control unit factory tested to +/-1ºF for dependable, consistent indoor comfort

  • Wireless Comfort Accessories:

    Nearly unlimited expandability of additional comfort components is possible with the use of wireless indoor temperature sensors, wireless outdoor temperature sensors, and a portable comfort control

  • Maintenance Reminders:

    Messages automatically appear on control screen for standard maintenance operations such as time for filter change, maintenance reminders, and other indoor air quality-related product

  • Time-of-Use-Scheduling:

    Indoor control can be set to automatically adjust the home’s ideal temperature and learn when utility prices are peaking to help lower energy costs of system operation

  • Interview-based programming:

    No complex programming needed; control displays question such as “What time does the first person wake up in the morning?" to establish programming options and then automatically establishes a comfort program based upon the answers provided